Friday, September 13, 2019



I have been  Notice and Wonder'ing with this #awesomegraph for many years from the bright folks at USC Viterbi who tracked internet usage across the world over several months. Students often notice that while many places in the world have big swings in internet usage, the U.S. remains steady.

It is a great way to generate conversation about cross-cultural perspectives in terms of access to the internet. Today, my host from my Fulbright exchange in Mahe, India, Rathnakaran and I did a Google Hangout with our two grade 7 classes, and used this graph as a start of a conversation.

For our first attempt it went great! Students asked eachother about how and when they get on the internet, about social media, and about foods.

Thanks to Jawahar Navodia Vidalayala Mahe for changing your schedule so that this could work. Let's do it again soon!

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