Friday, July 14, 2017


#awesomegraphs use data and visual mathematical modeling to tell a story. This blog helps students discover the math behind the data behind the story


The summer of 2017 featured a significant number of flooding events in and around Indiana County. Several storms dumped a significant amount of rain over a short period of time, overwhelming local creeks and other stormwater runoff causing flooding in many residential and commercial buildings.

Below are data collected in the Marsh Run, and other named streams. Thanks to water expert Dr. Katie Farnsworth from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and her water monitoring project for making these possible.

1. Study the graph above. Write 6 lines describing what information is shown.

2. If you haven't already, describe what the orange and blue lines represent. How do they relate to eachother?

3. Study the graph above. Write 6 lines describing the data presented here. Why does it have the odd jagged shape that it does?

4. What time was it raining the hardest?