Wednesday, June 7, 2017


#awesomegraphs use data and visual mathematical modeling to tell a story. This blog helps students discover the math behind the data behind the story.

Study the #awesomegraph from the New York Times below.

Write for 5 minutes about the information you see in the graph above and at the link.

1. Why will it be hard to beat Peyton Manning's Record?  How is Manning's graph different than the others? Write three lines.

2. What would the steepness, or slope measure? How does Peyton's line compare to good ol' Sammy Baugh?

3. In the middle of Peyton's line is a flat part. What does this mean? Write at least two lines.

4. Johnny Unitis is a local legend in Western Pennsylvania. Use his line of touchdowns to describe his career.

5. Pick another player. Describe their careers based on the number of touchdowns they've thrown per year. Find a picture of them and paste it here.

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